Who is FTS?

Fiduciary Trust Services, Inc. was formed in 2003 as a result of Tom Potts advising a client through the entire two years of ESOP negotiations dating from mid June 1999 through December of 2001. The company is wholly owned by Mr. Potts. Company headquarters are located on the south side of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Since forming T. E. Potts & Associates in 1979, Tomís CPA firm has grown considerably due to the high level of professional services always delivered to clients. In order to maintain the firmís growth and the high level of service, Tom decided to take on two new partners. In 2002 the firm changed its name to Potts, Hannah & Fischer, CPAs to reflect the addition of his two new partnersÖMark Hannah and Joel Fischer.

Tomís introduction to ESOPs came in 1999 when he began assisting a client in selling their business. He was researching different avenues of selling businesses when he discovered ESOPs. The ESOP method certainly was the best match for this client, so they moved on with the ESOP process through the closing in December 2001. After the closing of Tomís first ESOP, and the creation of Fiduciary Trust Services in 2003, they have been involved in numerous ESOP transactions. They have provided many professional services for ESOPs throughout the United States.

FTS has also worked with some of the finest ESOP experts in the country, including: Attorneys, Valuation Experts, Investment Banking Firms and ESOP Facilitators which you will find in the Testimonials & References section. Fiduciary Trust Servicesí experience, expertise and prominent referral base make them an excellent resource for your ESOP needs.

Tom Potts -- President & CEO

Shortly after graduation, Tom formed his own C.P.A. firm named T.E. Potts & Associates. After his introduction to ESOPs, Tom opened Fiduciary Trust Services in 2003. Since 2003, he has designed, implemented, and monitored many ESOP transactions, and acted as independent fiduciary.

His personal life has been a success as well. He has been married since 1979, and has two wonderful children, and two much-more wonderful grandchildren. Tom has been very involved in his childrenís education and their hobbies. He was active with both children as a coach in baseball, softball, basketball & football. He also spent a term as President of the Franklin Township Youth Football League.

Tom has also been very involved in his community of Franklin Township which is located just south of Indianapolis, Indiana. He has been involved in the Franklin Township Education Board, the Franklin Township Economic Development Board, and President of the Franklin Township Youth Football League.

With his dedication, expert referral base, and discharging his duties as an ESOP Trustee, Tom has a great deal to offer any ESOP transaction.